Richard Crosby 11 September 2023


Latest Snus Tax News from Sweden

The Swedish government has announced plans to reduce the tax on snus products and increase the taxation of combustible cigarettes, effective from November 1st, 2024. This move aims to reflect the lower health risks associated with oral tobacco compared to cigarettes. The price of a can of snus is expected to decrease by 3 SEK, while the price of a pack of cigarettes is expected to increase by 4 SEK.

Until now, snus has been taxed at a much lower rate than cigarettes in Sweden. However, the government has recognized that combustible tobacco poses a greater health risk. By cutting real costs for consumers, Sweden’s fiscal policy acknowledges oral nicotine consumption as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

It’s important to note that the Parliament had previously decided to increase tobacco taxes in 2023 and 2024. However, recent inflation has been higher than the projections on which the increases were based, which means that the tax for 2024 will actually be lower than if the increases had not been implemented.

While tobacco taxes will be rising by around 9%, cigarettes will see a price increase of roughly 4 SEK. The government believes that increasing tobacco taxation can help reduce smoking rates.

As for snus, the government notice highlights that the tax on tobacco snus is currently significantly lower than the tax on cigarettes and smoked tobacco, and that this difference should be further reflected. Therefore, the tax on tobacco snus will be reduced by approximately 20 percent.

This change in taxation is likely to be welcome news to current snus users and may even attract new users. The nuanced and sensible approach to policy in Sweden is impressive, especially when compared to other nations.

It’s important to recognize that nicotine and cigarettes are not the same thing and do not carry the same level of risk. While combustible cigarette smoke contains a plethora of chemicals, nicotine is just one of them. Sweden’s recognition that smoking tobacco is vastly different from using it orally shows attention to detail that is often lacking in many other countries.

Although nicotine pouches are currently in somewhat of an uncertain legal state across the world, they provide an affordable and safe alternative for smokers looking to quit, with the added benefit of being completely tobacco-free.

Read the full Swedish Government notice here.