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ZoneX Sunset

Review: Zone X ‘Sunset’ (10mg) Nicotine Pouch

One of the latest cans I’ve cracked open is the Zone X’s ‘Sunset’ nicotine pouches, and I must say, it …

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Review: Ace ‘Green Lemon’ (10.4mg) Nicotine Pouch

The Ace Superwhite ‘Green Lemon’ nicotine pouches offer a refreshing twist on a beloved classic. These slim and discreet pouches …

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Review: Zone X ‘Hot Beat’ (10mg) Nicotine Pouch

Zone X ‘Hot Beat’ – A Captivating Symphony of Heat and Zest Embark on a mesmerizing flavor journey with Zone …

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Review: On! ‘Spicy Margarita’ (3mg) Nicotine Pouch

In a market where virtually all products have a similar form factor and packaging (with a plastic can factory somewhere …

sting free strong blue mint nicotine pouches

Review: Sting Free ‘Strong Blue Mint’ (6mg) Nicotine Pouch

I had the pleasure of meeting Bengt Wiberg, the founder of ‘Sting Free‘ and an innovator in the snus and …

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Review: VELO ‘Citrus Mint’ (10mg) Nicotine Pouch

I’ve always loved nicotine pouches with a citrus flavor that packs a punch! Recently, I spotted VELO’s ‘Citrus Mint’ at …

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Review: Småå nicotine pouches (6mg) with bioceramic materials

After meeting Tomas Hammargren – CEO of ‘Amplicon’ at the Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN23) in June 2023 – I was able to grab …

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Review: SWAVE ‘Daiquiri’ (10mg) Nicotine Pouch

As part of a recent shop from Haypp – I ordered myself some ‘SWAVE’ ‘Daiquiri’ flavoured nicotine pouches. SWAVE was …

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Review: LOOP ‘Salty Ludicris’ (10mg) Nicotine Pouch

This is my second review of a product from the ‘LOOP’ range produced by ‘Another Snus Factory‘ of Sweden – …

Can of Zyn Nicotine Pouches

Review: ZYN ‘Espressino’ Mini Dry (8mg/15mg) Nicotine Pouch

Pouchers, Another day, another coffee. Want a cigarette to go with that? Nah, don’t do it – there’s no need! …

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