Richard Crosby 21 August 2023


In a market where virtually all products have a similar form factor and packaging (with a plastic can factory somewhere making a fortune), ‘On!’ nicotine pouches from Altria truly break the mould!

First off, forget the round can with the waste disposal lid. “On!” pouches come in a box! It may seem like a relatively trivial change, but firstly, a change is nice to see, and more importantly, I find it far more practical.

The typical round can serve its purpose. They’re generally recyclable and easy enough to stack and store. That being said, I’ve never found them too convenient to carry in my pocket, especially if you want to carry around a couple for choice and/or flavour.

The pouches themselves are in a mini thin format which probably helps… but the rectangular box is nice in size – and the shape fits easily into most pockets.

You still get your waste compartment in the form of a small section at the back – but it’s a much more condensed package. Putting 2 or even 3 boxes in your back pocket isn’t an issue.

As previously mentioned the pouches are in a mini format – and are perfect for people looking for a particularly discreet product or just aren’t fans of larger pouches.

‘On!’ pouches aren’t as available as some brands out there – but you will find them at Haypp. They’re available in 2 strengths, 3mg and 6mg per pouch, 20 pouches per ‘box’ and a range of flavours.

In this review, I’ll be looking at the On! ‘Spicy Margarita’ 3mg mini pouches – billed as “…a fresh taste of lime in combination with hot chilli fruits”.

On opening the packaging, the distinct essence of ‘Spicy Margarita’ becomes evident—a fusion of zesty lime freshness and the invigorating warmth of chilli fruits. The pouches are designed in a mini slim format, providing a discreet and snug fit that works well if you prefer a (much) smaller pouch.

The flavour profile of ‘Spicy Margarita’ stands as a departure from conventional offerings – a combination I’ve seen in a few incarnations… but this is certainly a new name! The spicy undertones with the vibrant tang of a nuanced, engaging, and distinct taste that invites repeated enjoyment.

The pouches at hand contain a 3mg nicotine content, offering a balanced experience that allows for measured indulgence without overwhelming nicotine effects. This is pretty weak by my own standards – but would suit others perfectly.