Richard Crosby 29 April 2023


Let’s take a look at a member of the LOOP range – produced by ‘Another Snus Factory‘ of Sweden.

The spicy ‘Jalapeno Lime’ flavour – a unique sounding combination that I’ve certainly not seen elsewhere – and can only imagine coming from LOOP.

LOOP Jalapeño Lime Strong has a spicy taste of green chilli and fresh lime. Like all LOOP products, it has a long lasting ,soft and pleasant taste.

As with all the LOOP products – the can has a nice matte feel to it – and I’m a big fan of their designs. The flavours they produce are way out there – and I feel like the branding fits nicely.

The first thing I have to say before getting into the smell and taste of the pouches is that these are perfect to enjoy with a nice cold beer. The chilli flavour and mild sting of the pouch compliments a nice larger fantastically – and given the flavour of the pouch lasts a good 45 – 60 mins – you can really enjoy these nicopods to the fullest.

So on to the pouches themselves… this is easily something I could use as my day to day go-to choice. Opening the can – there is a fantastic aroma of chilli and lime, with the citrus providing a real boost to the aroma/flavour profile.

When starting to use one of the nicotine pouches – there’s the using tingling sensation along with a subtle – but noticeable – chilli like flavour that underlies the whole experience. The taste of lime comes through, you get a nice nicotine hit – but that presence of chilli is always there to enhance the experience. Writing this whilst enjoying a cold beer and a Jalapeño Lime pouch – I couldn’t be happier. It’s a lovely mix of the sharp with the citrus sweet – and makes the perfect companion to a drink.

In short – if you put lime in your Corona – you’re going to love this! However, if you’re not a fan of heavily flavoured Nicotine Pouches this might not be for you, perhaps you could say this is bit of a marmite like pouch.

If you’re interested in buying a can they are currently available for under £5 at Haypp