Richard Crosby 10 October 2023


One of the latest cans I’ve cracked open is the Zone X’s ‘Sunset’ nicotine pouches, and I must say, it left quite an impression. The packaging of the product is sleek and sophisticated, immediately catching the eye. What caught my attention even more was the nice embossed detail on the can, mimicking a paintbrush stroke. It added an artistic touch and elevated the overall aesthetic.

Opening the can, I was greeted by a refreshing citrusy aroma blended with subtle hints of ginger. The flavour profile promised a fusion of blood orange and ginger, and it certainly delivered. With each pouch, I was delighted by the dynamic combination of tangy blood orange and the warm, spicy kick of ginger. The balance between the two flavours was well-executed, creating a harmonious and enjoyable taste experience.

ZoneX Sunset

At a strength of 10mg per portion, the nicotine content provided a satisfying kick without being overwhelming. The nicotine uptake was noticeable yet smooth, ensuring a pleasurable experience.

The longevity of the nicotine release impressed me, as the ‘Sunset’ pouch maintained its flavour and effect for a prolonged period. This made it ideal for moments when I wanted sustained enjoyment.

In terms of packaging, Zone X continues to demonstrate their commitment to quality. The can design is stylish and contemporary, reflecting their attention to detail. Additionally, the embossed detail, mimicking a paintbrush stroke, adds a unique artistic element to the packaging, further enhancing its appeal. The can is also eco-conscious, featuring sustainable materials and a convenient waste compartment.

Zone X’s ‘Sunset’ nicotine pouches truly offer a delightful flavour experience. The combination of blood orange and ginger creates a unique and refreshing taste that is sure to captivate the senses. Whether you’re a fan of citrus flavours or seeking a balanced and invigorating nicotine option, ‘Sunset’ is worth trying.

ZoneX Sunset

For those interested, Zone X products can be found at various online retailers but I’ve yet to see them myself in stores. Give ‘Sunset’ a try and let your taste buds be transported on a captivating flavour journey.

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