Richard Crosby 18 July 2023


I’ve always loved nicotine pouches with a citrus flavor that packs a punch! Recently, I spotted VELO’s ‘Citrus Mint’ at my local Co-op store and decided to grab a can to give it a try.

It’s great to see these products being given prominence in UK retail stores. Unlike tobacco products, which must remain hidden from display, vape and nicotine pouches are allowed point-of-sale materials. Although it’s not like the tobacco adverts of the past, it’s still encouraging to see safer alternatives to cigarettes being promoted.

Now, let’s talk about the product itself. VELO (a brand of ‘British American Tobacco’) describes the pouches as a fusion of zesty lemon and peppermint, and that’s pretty much what you get. When you open the can, the citrus aroma is unmistakable, with a slight undertone of peppermint.

Each pouch contains 10mg of nicotine, which is a bit stronger than what I usually use. The nicotine uptake is immediate and noticeable, making these pouches feel more hard-hitting than my usual 7mg ones. However, the nicotine release is long-lasting, and I enjoyed it for over 30 minutes.

The product is properly labeled, comes in recyclable packaging, and includes a waste compartment at the pot of the can. As for the taste, the lemon flavor is dominant, but the peppermint adds a nice undertone that complements it well. As I used the pouches, the mint became less prominent, and the lemon flavor came through more.

I used to use ‘Ace’ branded Citrus pouches, and these are quite similar, but with an extra mint kick. Overall, this is a great product that is well-packaged and easy to purchase. You can find VELO products in various stores, online retailers, and directly on the website.

Shopping on the VELO website offers several benefits, including bulk discounts, subscription deals, and a rewards points scheme. You’ll also find good customer service, a range of nicotine strengths and free delivery is available.

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