Richard Crosby 23 September 2023


The Ace Superwhite ‘Green Lemon’ nicotine pouches offer a refreshing twist on a beloved classic. These slim and discreet pouches deliver a unique flavour experience with a slightly sour taste of fresh lemon and a delicate hint of mint.

Designed as the successor to Ace’s previous ‘citrus’ flavour, the ‘Green Lemon’ pouches build on their reputation for quality and satisfaction. With a high nicotine content of 10.4mg per pouch, they ensure a potent and fulfilling nicotine experience.

The packaging is sleek and complements the slim design of the pouches. The can clearly display the brand and flavour name, providing a visually appealing and informative experience. Its compact size allows for easy portability and discreet usage, making it suitable for various settings.

Ace Green Lemon

While the Ace Superwhite ‘Green Lemon’ pouches may not be widely available in UK retail stores, they can be found through various online retailers. This may require a bit of searching, but the effort is well worth it for those seeking a unique flavour combination and a high-nicotine punch. Upon opening the can, an enticing aroma of zesty lemon greets the senses. The initial taste delivers a burst of tangy lemon, carefully intertwined with a subtle mint undertone. This well-balanced flavour combination creates a refreshing and enjoyable sensation.

One impressive aspect of the Ace Superwhite ‘Green Lemon’ pouches is their long-lasting effect. Despite their slim profile, the nicotine release proves to be satisfying and enduring, offering a sustained nicotine experience.

In summary, the Ace Superwhite ‘Green Lemon’ nicotine pouches provide a delightful flavour journey. The fusion of fresh lemon and subtle mint creates a unique and appealing taste profile. With their slim design, high nicotine content, and long-lasting effect, these pouches are an excellent choice for nicotine users seeking convenience and potency.

For those curious to try the ‘Green Lemon’ flavour, Ace Superwhite products can be found through various online retailers. While they may not be as readily available in physical stores, the refreshing and discreet nicotine experience they offer makes the search worthwhile.