Richard Crosby 29 April 2023



Another day, another coffee. Want a cigarette to go with that? Nah, don’t do it – there’s no need! ZYN’s ‘Espressino’ Mini Dry nicotine pouches are already here delivering that much loved and cherished caffeinated nicotine-infused wake up call.

If you don’t like coffee, well, I am sorry but you are beyond saving.

‘Mini Dry’?

What exactly is a mini dry pouch when it’s at home? Firstly, they are unsurprisingly, dry. Secondly, they are mini. The weight of these pouches is half that of ZYN’s typical ‘slim’ pouches on the market (0.4g v 0.8g per pouch). There isn’t a lot of “weight” to these ‘minis’. The fully recyclable cans are proportionally small too, perhaps helpful when wearing a pair of jeans on the tight side. This by no means implies that these ‘minis’ are half as good – good things come in small packages as they say.

Read on…

The dryness of these pouches prevents them from slipping between the gum and lip – something all snus and nicotine pouch users have no doubt experienced at some point. This extra ‘grip’ allows for the pouch to remain in place and due to their lightweight qualities, you hardly even notice it’s there. Except for the nicotine and flavourings of course. All good stuff.

Strength Standardisation and Grading

Two strengths are available for ZYN’s ‘Espressino’ release as you can see in the images throughout this review. On a scale of 1-4 we have a ‘2’ and also a ‘4’ for those who fancy something a little stronger.

This strength grading matches the one used across all other ZYN products I have encountered.

The advantage of this strength ‘standardisation’ (something I believe the nicotine pouch market should be working towards), is that it avoids confusion among consumers. That’s really the bottom line. The less confused consumers are, the more they will buy. The last thing anyone wants is to confuse a customer! In a way it’s a bit like the restaurant trade (we love you and thoughts are with you). Consistency is key – apparently 3 successful visits to a restaurant is the golden number. That’s when people start coming back again and again often with friends in tow.

What are the Exact ‘Strengths’ and Why Does Acidity Matter?

In terms of nicotine content, ‘2’ equates to 8mg/g and ‘4’ equates to 15mg/g. ‘Nuff said. Grab the pair and you’re sorted for all occasions. PH levels hit 8.3 – in the coming weeks The Daily Pouch will be releasing a full piece on the significance of pouch acidity and physical construction and the impact these variables have on rates of oral nicotine absorption through the gums and by extension, your experience as a consumer. It’s a beer v whiskey issue really – you don’t drink/use them in the same way (hopefully).

The Experience

Milk-laden light coffee booms through – I detected hints of vanilla in there and maybe some hazelnuts – I still can’t make my mind up on that. Everyone has a different tongue. Overall, one might describe these pouches as delivering a ‘latte’ type experience rather than atomic-powered espresso. If you’re off the cigarettes (well done!) and you still love your coffee a little too much for your liking, this product may help you reduce your coffee intake during those stressful workweek mornings.

In terms of presentation, see below. When pouches are packed like this, you know you’re dealing with a serious manufacturer.

Look at the Spiral Presentation – Class we Expect From ZYN. (Yeah, being the genius that I am, my mouse mat now has coffee stains on it)

All in all – I am going to hazard a guess many of you reading up to now like your coffee. ZYN Espressino didn’t ruin my morning coffee at all – it actually complemented it rather nicely, especially on those times when you go to the fridge and find your housemate drank all your milk…..AGAIN.

Have a great week ahead guys.