Richard Crosby 7 July 2023


Considerate Pouchers, a leading consumer advocacy organization, is proud to announce the launch of the Nicotine Pouch Survey 2023, a comprehensive global survey designed to gather valuable insights from nicotine pouchers worldwide. The survey aims to better understand the preferences, experiences, and needs of pouch users, ultimately advocating for their voices to be heard by policymakers.

As the popularity of nicotine pouches continues to rise, it is imperative that the concerns and perspectives of pouchers are taken into account. Considerate Pouchers recognizes the significance of capturing the experiences and feedback of individuals who rely on nicotine pouches as a tobacco alternative or for other reasons. By conducting this global survey, the organization strives to provide a platform for pouch users to express their opinions, share their stories, and influence future developments in the industry and public policy.

, Considerate Pouchers Launches Global Nicotine Pouch Survey 2023, The Daily Pouch

The Nicotine Pouch Survey 2023 is open to all pouchers worldwide and can be accessed on the Considerate Pouchers website here. The survey covers various aspects such as flavor profiles, usage patterns, and general perceptions related to nicotine pouches. Considerate Pouchers encourages every poucher to participate and contribute to this crucial initiative.

Quote from Richard Crosby [UK Director of Considerate Pouchers]:

At Considerate Pouchers, we firmly believe that the opinions and experiences of pouch users deserve to be heard. The Nicotine Pouch Survey 2023 is an opportunity for individuals worldwide to share their valuable insights and help shape the future of oral nicotine. We encourage all nicotine pouchers to participate in the survey, as their feedback will play a pivotal role in informing key stakeholders and driving positive change.

, Considerate Pouchers Launches Global Nicotine Pouch Survey 2023, The Daily Pouch

Considerate Pouchers is committed to advocating for the rights and interests of pouch users. By collating and analyzing the data from the Nicotine Pouch Survey 2023, the organization will generate a comprehensive report that highlights key findings and actionable recommendations for policymakers. The report will be shared with manufacturers, regulators, and other relevant entities to foster dialogue and promote consumer-centric approaches within the nicotine pouch market.

To participate in the Nicotine Pouch Survey 2023 and make your voice heard, please visit their website. For more information about Considerate Pouchers and their initiatives, please visit the website.

About Considerate Pouchers:

Considerate Pouchers is a consumer advocacy organization with members across the globe, dedicated to championing the rights and needs of nicotine pouch users worldwide. By conducting research, raising awareness, and engaging with political stakeholders, Considerate Pouchers strives to ensure that pouchers are empowered, informed, and well-served by the nicotine pouch market.

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