Richard Crosby 10 July 2023


The Daily Pouch aims to promote nicotine pouches as a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. One of the unique elements of nicotine pouches compared with other tobacco harm reduction products like e-cigarettes is that they are discrete. This makes for a fantastic product as I’ll go on to explain – but does create somewhat of an educational dilemma.

Mark Oates made a point during a panel at GFN23 in Warsaw which stuck with me – vaping, and vapers themselves are walking adverts for the product. Wandering around town in a haze of doughnut-flavoured vapour certainly draws attention to the product. In the UK we have great public health information about vaping – so one hopes seeing someone else on the street with a vape might lead a smoker to quit. I’d call that a win.

Nicotine pouches don’t have quite the same visual impact… With strict advertising rules and an uncertain regulatory climate, it can prove challenging to inform the public about a harm-reducing smoking alternative. However, we’ll have a go!

Everyone hates not being able to smoke on long-distance journeys.

It’s no secret that smoking is becoming less and less socially acceptable. In many countries, it’s illegal to smoke inside public buildings, and in some places, it’s even illegal to smoke outdoors. It’s also becoming more difficult for smokers to find a place where they can enjoy a cigarette. Smoking bans are being introduced in many bars and restaurants, and even on public transport. This is not just inconvenient for smokers, but can also make it difficult for people who are travelling long distances by car or plane to get their fix of nicotine.

, Discretion is the better part of valour… but doesn’t make for great marketing, The Daily Pouch

Nicotine pouches can be a great alternative to cigarettes for people who are addicted to nicotine. They provide a way to enjoy nicotine during those tedious long journeys and other places where smoking is forbidden.

Smoking cigarettes can be especially difficult if you have children of other young family members.

If you have children, then it is likely that they will see you smoking in front of them. This can cause a child to start smoking as well. It also sets an example for other young family members such as your nieces or nephews to follow.

, Discretion is the better part of valour… but doesn’t make for great marketing, The Daily Pouch

Nicotine pouches offer a tobacco free alternative to smoking cigarettes. They are a nicotine delivery system that is much safer than cigarettes and they can be used by people who smoke to help them quit.

Providing consumers with a well reasoned alternative.

As we’ve seen with the rise of e-cigarettes – providing sensible alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco options works. Nicotine pouches provide another tool at the disposal of healthcare professionals and individuals to move users away from cigarettes – but they remain largely remain unnoticed and neglected.

, Discretion is the better part of valour… but doesn’t make for great marketing, The Daily Pouch

As focused on at the start of this article – the world is increasingly restrictive to cigarette smokers but in a move I find particularly ironic – electronic cigarettes are now typically banned in the same spaces. This is a problem made null and void by a discreet nicotine pouches – and makes them the ideal product when trying to be considerate of those around you… and avoid a heft fine.